Marilyn Elliott

Engaging formation. Living loved. Celebrating life.


Foundational Ideas about Formation

#1: When it comes to formation, everything matters. Formation happens in our ‘real’ lives, in time and space, constantly. Everything is forming us, all the time. Formation is […]

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Following our Anxieties

” Most of us follow our anxieties most of the time,” is what he said. I didn’t hear anything else in the conversation. I was stabbed by his […]

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Everyday Advent – prayer

Luke 1:26-38 Mary is the first. She leads the procession of Christian believers who will one day accept Jesus into their heart, as we say it. Mary is […]

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Becoming Story

A story is time itself, boxed and compressed. It is the briefest entertainment and simulacrum of real life, which is big and messy and requires a strange kind […]

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